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Oral English by Foreign Teacher


Learning the way of thinking in English, more than the English language!

Tourist English

Improve your work-     ing skill and income!

Business English

    Polish your working       ability and confidence!

Pet2 English

A Must for people working in the tourist industry!

     Oral Chinese for Foreigners

  Indulge yourself in the Chin-   ese language atmosphere!

HSK for Foreigners

Utilize Chinese

professionally in China!

Chinese Traditional Culture

Showcase the splendid Chinese   culture to you!

  Chinese Teacher Train-     ing

Learn a skill to expand      your view!


Foreign Teachers

Help you establish the way of thinking in English, instead ofthe"Chinglish".

Tailor-made Courses


Adapt and improve your oral English efficiently.

Small Classes

Limited to 3-5 students, better communication with teacher,   and be more   confident.

Practical Courses

Different theme social activities, make you enjoy more culture.

Flexible Time

Class could be adjusted to

your available time.

Variety of Courses

Contain oral / business / tourist  English,     Pet2, etc. Aiming to improve your practical English level and communication ability.

Excellent Teachers

ESL Teacher


Great personality with 6 years experience in teaching all

ages students

ESL Teacher


A professional ESL teacher with 2 years experience

ESL Teacher

Great with teaching kids from 3 to 6 years old

ESL Teacher


Always energetic when teaching

ESL Teacher


Both kids and adults students are all beneficial from John’s exciting teaching style.

ESL Teacher


A professional ESL teacher with 3 years experience

Tourist English Teacher

Extensive knowledge of tourists’ English and practical experience.

English one-to-one Teacher


Friendly yet professional,will make you love to learn the English  lang-uage.

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