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Understanding Chinese Culture Program

Xi'an City:You can Select any day to join or more days, we only start the tripwhen there are more than 4 person

OneDay  Visit + Activities

Take thetour to witness the famous“Terra Cotta Warriors."  The serendipitousdiscovery of the Terra Cotta Warriors in 1974 has drawn throngs of visitors toXian each year and ranks as one of the world's most important recentarchaeological finds. Three excavation pits have been opened to the public witha fourth underway. Spend some time admiring the fine troops, horses, andcarriages in battle formation. After lunch, the motorcoach takes us back insidecity limits to go to Cha Guan, You will learn and experience the amazingChinese traditional culture by seeing and doing. There will be Tea ceremonyworkshop, paper cutting and more for you to explore!

Features: TerraCotta Warriors + Tea ceremony+Paper Cutting+ Performance

Terro Cotta Warriors


One Day Visit + Activities

Visit thebig gooes pagoda in the morning, a well-preserved ancient building and a holyplace for Buddhists. It is rated as a National Key Cultural Relic Preserve aswell as an AAAA Tourist Attraction. After lunch, the motorcoach takes us to goto Jian Guan, You will learn and experience the amazing Chinesetraditional culture by seeing and doing. You will have a chance to jointhe Incense workshop to learn the knowledge of incense and how to make thesachet! and Chinese cooking classes which teach you how to makedumplings!

Features: BigGooes Pagoda+ Incense Workshop+ Making Dumplings

One DayVisit + Activities

Features: CityWall ride bikes+ Muslim street+ Archery workshop

Muslim Street

Location:Room 0702 Block 14 Kaixuancheng building Xinghuaxiang Beilin District, Xi'an


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